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Crystal Ley
Sauk Rapids, Minnesota

Clanfair Eclipse




Dragonwyck Welsh
5713 Green Valley Rd
Cibolo, TX 78108

ph: 210-630-1692


Farincroft Farm
Welsh Cobs
Jackson Springs, NC


Gr. Ch. Casmaran Contraband


Sangamon Stud
Section B Welsh Ponies
Zack Shields
251 North Church Lane #3
Decatur, Il  63522

Bristol Victorio

Cat Creek Welsh Stud
Welsh Mtn. Ponies
Sally Davidson

Tylwyth Welsh Ponies

Texas USA




Primrose Farm
Welsh Mtn. Ponies

Phil & Flo Baker


Primrose Touch of Texas


Bristol Welsh Ponies
Cherry & Johnny Wilson



Bristol Elan

Howran Hills Welsh
Jim & Marie Howran
#318 RR9
Peterborough, ON K9J 6Y1
Phone: 705-876-9417

Marsha Himler
"the horse farm lady"
Keller Williams Realty, Saratoga Springs, NY


Lendon Grays
Dressage 4

Lendon Gray Dressage

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You can be a legacy breeder. . . . . . . .

Most breeders have short term goals. Their breeding program is to produce a foal better than the sire or dam, one for a fad or maret. It ends there, and compares to a cross-breeding program. For example, in one generation a breeder can produce, by breeding opposite qualities, a show winner with 'quality and refinement'. But then, in each passing generation, the animals lose the very traits that made them unique.

Every breed registry is subject to political pressure and conflicting interests. Talk to breeders and they will tell you their concerns about the future of the breed. These are not theoretical musings, these things are happening now. Every breed registry is feeling the pressures of change.

On the other hand, each breed has legacy breeders, those that are dedicated to a breed's original standard and will not change. There are certain things that legacy breeders do, things that are not mystical or secrets handed down from past generations. They are sound breeding principles that are common knowledge, but ignored by most breeders. They are principles that are shoved aside through politics and fads, economics and personal whims.

Legacy breeders breed by the standard. That seems too simple to be true. They breed to good qualities, not away from bad. There are no surprises in a legacy breeder’s barn, he continues to breed good qualities to good qualities to the point where his foal crop is predictable. At that point even his culls are better quality and truer to breed type than the best of other breeders. Legacy breeders study pedigrees, family lines and individual ponies. They know family lines and the traits passed on by those lines and where they came from, the genetics that carry on. The genetics that do not change the breed. The genetics that breed true to the standard.

Every registered breed has it’s own breed standard, and to the legacy breeder this standard is revered. Legacy breeders appreciate the breed’s unique character, and are dedicated to preserving these qualities. It would never occur to a legacy breeder to "improve" the breed. Legacy breeders believe in the breed and will not change for any judge, for any market trend, for any amount of money. . . .

Y0U CAN be a legacy breeder 

Preservation breeding is an attempt by many animal breeders to preserve bloodlines of animals, either of a rare breed, or of rare pedigrees within a breed. One purpose of preservation breeding is to protect genetic diversity within a species, another is to preserve valuable genetic traits that may not be popular or in fashion in the present, but may be of great value in the future.
The observable phenomenon of hybrid vigor stands in contrast to the notion of breed purity.

However, indiscriminate breeding of hybrid animals may also result in degradation of quality.

Please come back soon.

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