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Sara Loeffel Bloomer  973-670-1815
  Train horses to be trusting and responsive, and to demonstrate acceptable behavior in all performances.
EDUCATION   Kenny Harlow's Certification Program Instructor: Kenny Harlow, John Lyons® Certified Trainer, Cedar Run Ranch, Cumberland, VA

Colorado State University, AI Certification, care and management of breeding stock

Licensed LPN

EXPERIENCE   Independent Breeder/Trainer
 July 1992 - present
  • Manage Casmaran Stud and Cross Creek Welsh breeding, training and showing programs.

Showing since 1976





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Lessons and Training

Denise Marie Loeffel  973-670-1785

I was born in 1947 and received my first pony for Christmas in 1953. My father, in his parental wisdom, brought home a Shetland Pony stallion, whom I named Flicka (little girl). I will blame my love for all equines on my father who grew up with and loved animals. Long before I got Flicka my parents could not pass a "Pony Ride" ring without stopping to give me a ride, and my favorite place to visit was my father's Aunt Lil who owned a horse.

Me at Aunt Lil's house

Introducing "Flicka" to my dog Christmas Eve 1953 in the living room.

In 1957 my cousin got a pony which they called "Pancho". Pancho was a chestnut Welsh gelding, and because we visited at least once a month I got to spend a lot of time with him and fell in love with Welsh ponies. From that time on I read everything I could get my hands on about Welsh ponies ....... the description, the breed standard and the care and breeding of ponies and horses in general. Later on my cousins continued their love of Welsh ponies, and because they lived on acreage, had the facility to keep them. Here is a picture of my daughter Laura on Glennie a Section A Welsh mare.

As I grew up I never lost my love of horses, the one thing I wanted for myself was to have them when I got married. When my family finally moved to Sussex County in 1969 the first thing I did was to get an unregistered Welsh pony mare, she was actually a purebred but the farmer who had Severn Minuteman and several imported mares had long given up registering them or their get. Now I had a reason to research ancestry and the purpose for which Welsh were bred, and to apply all I had read about the Welsh breed to my mare. Shortly my cousin Susan gave me a purebred Liseter gelding for my daughter Laura, and I bought my first Section B mare Kressley's Talaria. I spent hours and hours researching their bloodlines, comparing them to the standard, and training myself to recognize their conformation faults and strengths.
When I became pregnant with Sara I would go on trail rides with Laura ....... we  would ride down the road singing Home on the Range. The most important thing I taught both of my girls was "safety first" in handling the ponies. Having begun a local Welsh Newsletter 'Pony Prints' and being the NJPBO Secretary kept us very involved with our ponies, which has continued to this day.

Now (2017) Susan has continued with her love of Welsh and driving, she has a permanent
lease on Cross Creek Kodachrome and is training and having a professional trainer 'suit up'
Kody for driving events.

(Glynhafan Raspberry Twist x Bristol Safire)

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